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Crane course

Candidates must meet specific requirements:


be not less than 18 years of age


Applicants shall have successfully completed at least a lower educational level


There should be no health counterindications for working on the position of overhead crane operator

The training organisation

Overhead crane training is a 5 -7 – day course

Course objectives

The major objective shall be to obtain overhead crane operator qualifications by completing a training course and passing successfully the examination required by the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT ). A specific focus will be on doing the work safely. An education is meant for employees whose job requires vertical transporting which is particularly important when considering overhead cranes, storage and retrieval machines, hoists and hoisting winches.
The programme combines both technical and practical elements ensuring that candidates become equipped to assume the roles and responsibilities needed to operate overhead cranes.

You will benefit from learning about:
– Operator Qualifications, Requirements and Responsibilities (Safe, Effective and Efficient Operating Techniques, Handling the Load),
– Overhead Crane Nomenclature and Construction,
– Legislation, Knowledge of Legal Issues ,
– Inspection Procedure and Documentation,
– Applicable OSHA Safety Standards.

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