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Course for HDS (mobile crane) operators

HDS course is a course on handling crane operators (hydraulic car lifts) in the IIŻ category.

Candidates must meet specific requirements:

be not less than 18 years of age

applicants shall have successfully completed at least lower educational level

there should be no health contraindications for working on the position of HDS (mobile crane) operator

The training organisation

The trainings are organized onsite in a continuous mode once the group is formed.

Hds course aims to convey theoretical and practical knowledge in handling mobile cranes in trucks (IIŻ category). The course for HDS crane operator ends with a state exam in front of the Technical Supervision Bureau (UDT) committee. The authorizations issued for mobile cranes are given in the form of a qualification certificate, and are valid indefinitely and entitle to operate HDS mobile cranes in the IIŻ category.

szkolenie na żurawie HDS
uprawnienia HDS

Training modules

Cranes course includes several modules that contain the knowledge of the below listed topics:

  • HDS Crane Fundamentals & Overview,
  • Inspection Procedure and Documentation,
  • Various Types Of Cranes
  • Specialized Mechanics
  • Crane Construction,
  • Operator’s Responsibilities,
  • OSHA/ASME Standards,
  • Operating Practices, Pick and Carry Exercises

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